Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I've been busy all day and can't really tell what I've done. Paperwork...sort of. Worked up my budget for the next 30 days and fought off a panic attack. I have savings, fortunately, but no prospects for making any extra cash.

Spent an hour on the phone with the IRS about paying back taxes; that'll give you a migraine. The lady I spoke with was very nice; it's the half-hour wait that's the hardest part and then her having to dig to find out if my paperwork's in order for direct debits to my checking. They say they're still working on it...after 4 months.

Also spent nearly an hour talking to Verizon and learning Fios wants $10 extra a month to make it usable enough to stream video or music without any hiccups. I canceled my landline and cable, dropping my bill by $40 a month, but I had to convince them I meant it. And convince them and convince them. Jeez. But now I won't get any more calls for Arby's. Plus, I just don't watch TV, anymore, so it's silly for me to have HD Cable. A waste, actually.

Corrected some errors on my webpage. GoDaddy's system for building a site is damn near useless. I'm looking into other options.

I read a short script by one of the actors I met at The Indie Gathering. I think he inadvertently gave me an early pdf draft, because it won an award but this one had next to no punctuation, so it was hard to read.

I ordered business cards for my writing -- just under $25 for 250 on glossy stock. Matte would have been cheaper, but was just so wrong for the look. I should get stationary printed up, too, with envelopes. If I'm going to push this, I need the tools...and they have to look right.

I've been thinking about shooting a short script -- Unfinished Business. I posted about it, here, a couple months ago. I'd once sort of started up a Kickstarter file for it and got a whole $25 pledged from a friend...but now I think I'd really like to make it. I saw some of the things that won at IG and I certainly couldn't do worse than them.

And there I go again -- tempting the fates to find some way of making sure I'm too broke to do it. That happens every time I even think of doing this. It also got Jake up to give me a kick in the butt and discuss a bit more restructuring so not everything comes at the end.

I just learned NYPD Blood is no longer available in Kindle or, if I understand this correctly, print. Seems the publisher canceled the contract. I don't really mind; I hated the cover and the title's just a bit too much for my taste...but my co-author liked it. He's not happy. But he's also talking about a rewrite to add in things he left out. That makes me unhappy. I'm not doing any rewrites, and if he does, my name is off it. Which may be a good thing, overall, considering the books I've had published.

I'm dangerous, don't you know.


MAC said...

Sounds like on of those days when you wish you had a personal assistant. Maybe look into that after the maid. ;-)

JamTheCat said...

If I could find one that looks like John Akan and keep him in those little black shorts...but then I'd never get any work done. ;)