Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Step back...

I need a breather from OT, so I've been working on short synopses for my scripts, to take with me to The Indie Gathering, next week. I'll be in Philadelphia and Baltimore, Monday - Wednesday, so may not have time to to anything with them prior to leaving Friday.

Here's one --

THE ALICE ’65 – a sheltered book archivist is sent to LA to pick up a rare edition of Alice in Wonderland from the actress who inherited it…but she wants a favor, first, one that turns his world upside down. (Romantic-comedy)

Books are ADAM VERLAIN’s life, and he expected to take over his father’s antiquarian bookshop, one day. But the man died en route to delivering a very rare copy of Alice in Wonderland, also known as an Alice ’65, and the shop was liquidated to pay his debts. Adam took a position as an archivist for a London university and settled into a dull, careful existence away from the real world. Then one day he was chosen to pick up an Alice ’65 that was inherited by a movie star named CASEY BLANCHARD, who's recovering from a recent breakup with her boyfriend. Meaning he had to leave his cloistered life and travel to Hollywood…where events take a sharp turn into chaos…and romance, and possibly even love.

This story follows Adam, who’s already hidden himself from the world, as he collides with Casey, who’s also hiding in her own way, thus changing their lives, and that of a love-sick panther’s, for the better.

Here's another --

MINE TO KILL – A brilliant woman convinces herself that she can bring her philandering husband back to life so they can kill the young intern who “let him die." (Horror)

Dr. Martha St. Lazarre has discovered a serum that holds great promise in the repair of spinal cord injuries, and has been offered a position with a major research university because of it. But when her husband, Alex dies in a car accident, she becomes convinced her serum could bring him back to life...if she first kills the intern who “let him die.”

That intern is Dr. Thomas MacGreggor, a young Scotsman who fought to save Alex. Thomas is an "empathic-intuitive" - someone who knows, instinctively, what's wrong with his patients. Unfortunately, that ability can also show him the evil in a man’s soul, and the moment Thomas touched Alex, he knew the man cheated on his wife and brutalized those who crossed him

However, Martha is too obsessed with Alex to see the truth, and as she tells herself, Thomas is "mine to kill." Which she will matter how many innocent people she has to slaughter, first.

Martha’s story shows how obsession can lead to madness, while Thomas shows how acceptance of one’s fate can save you...all brought about by the collision of a madwoman and a man who’s half-crazed.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? HELP!


MAC said...

WOW, they seem like welll conceived story outlines. Mine to Kill sounds the most intriguing. Very American Horror Story.

JamTheCat said...

Thanks, Mac! I think MTK would be a lot of fun and very I just need to convince someone to buy it and make it.