Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The last 20 pages...

I had so much red pen going on the last 20 pages of OT, I had no idea what was new or had been redone after having been redone. So I input what I had, last night, then printed it up and started going through it, again. Yeah...I was missing a couple of how did one character know another character was gay when it's not obvious, he's straight and has no gaydar? Has to be addressed because it plays into the reveal.

Then I learned that Robin Williams died, and it jolted me out of OT. Apparently, he committed suicide after battling severe depression. I can see where that would have been a problem with him. When he was on, he went like a rocket headed straight for to the moon. Coming back to Earth must have been a vicious fall.

I met him, when I worked at Heritage Book Shop. I gift-wrapped a book for him, and he loved the bow I'd done, so I showed him the ribbons we used -- rich colored silks and satins with light wires threaded into them for shaping. He talked about how material was the most important thing, whether it be ribbons or comedy.

I heard a story about him that only proved to me just how giving he was. Stephen Spielberg was in Poland shooting Schindler's List and the hideous nature of the film finally got to him. So he called Robin in the middle of the night and asked if he'd just make him laugh, for a bit, so he could deal with it. Robin kept him in stitches for an hour.

Over the years I've heard of many fine actors dying from one cause or another, but this is the first one to hurt.

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