Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Is it healthy to pee day-glow green?

I started taking vitamin B-complex and C supplements, and suddenly my piss could light up a room, it's so bright green. Almost fluorescent. Makes me wonder what's happening to my kidney and liver. But I feel maybe I'm overly concerned...or just not used to the whole thing. Or maybe I'm inputting too much of that crap into me and need to stop, already. I don't know. No matter which way you turn, you get different answers. So I guess I'll keep going, for now...and drink more water.

Of course, this chatter is my way of avoidance. Tomorrow I begin working on my book -- "Inherent Flaws" -- which is a weak title but I haven't come up with one that's better, yet. another form of avoidance, I made a cake. And HATED it. One of those Red Velvet things with white frosting. It was almost tasteless, and I've never had that happen with Duncan Hines, before. Their chocolate is usually CHOCOLATE, and I once made a yellow cake with fudge frosting for a co-worker at Heritage that vanished off the plate. But this thing...meh. My only thought after sampling it was, "That's a waste of a great omelet."

Well, I have 3 eggs left from the half-dozen I bought; guess I know what I'm having for din-din tomorrow. Build up my stamina to start in.

I don't know what the opening is, yet. I've got ideas but nothing's gelled. I do have a couple of moments worked up, like when my lead (currently Pete but soon to be renamed because it just doesn't work, as is) is walking through the Little Italy off Mulberry in Manhattan and imagines a musical number set to something like "Volare" as he's off to deliver a bribe to a judge...for his boss; he's 14 years old, which is too soon to be handing out bribes of his own.

I'm remembering this one odd moment in a very lumpy, awkward movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. -- "Heart and Soul". It's about four people who die in a bus crash the instant a baby is born in another part of the city. They're stuck as guardian angels of that baby until they finish some business on Earth and he has to help them. Well, after successfully completing one bit of business, as they're walking down the street they break into a neat rendition of "Walk Like A Man", along with the "Wooooh-OOOOH-OOooh-OOOoh-ooooh-Ooooh-OOOoh-OOOOH" chorus. And it was so charming and sweet and right, it felt like it was from another film. Damn, that was nearly 20 years ago, and I still remember it. And wished they'd kept that jaunty emotion through the whole damn movie instead of becoming this preachy bit of Live-Your-Life-Right twaddle.

Hm...I should start another blog -- movies that messed with my mind and made me mad (in every sense of the word).

So..."Voooooooooooooooooooooolaaaaaaareh....woooooooooho! Cannnntaaaarrrrre, whohoho-oh." Here we go.


Writer said...

Good luck on the book. And sorry about the day-glo green pee. I thought too much Vitamin C caused diarrhea. So maybe it's the B. :)

JamTheCat said...

Thanks. I agree about the B-complex. I've done C before and never had this occurrence. It's that or old age.

Hope all's going well with you.