Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, August 3, 2012

50 Greatest Films?

Not sure how I feel about "Sight and Sound" and their latest list of the 50 greatest films of all time. They do a new survey every 10 years and just came out with the latest one. I finally saw what was on the list and have some minor quibbles...but overall I agree with it.

Well...I agree as regards the movies that I've seen on it -- 30 out of the 50. I'd have put Ozu's "Late Spring" (1949) above "Tokyo Story" (1953), and I think "La Regle de Joux" (1939) is a better film than "Vertigo" (1958) or "Citizen Kane" (1941)...but they do all belong on the list, no question.

I used to subscribe to "Sight & Sound" when I was in film school. I loved how all-encompassing the magazine was as regards movies. I used to run the projector for the film society at Trinity University, and sometimes I'd suggest we screen movies that I'd read about in S&S -- movies like...

"The Jackal of Nahueltero" (1969), a Chilean film about a man whose poverty leads him to madness and murder, and who's rehabilitated by the state and then executed for his crime.

And "Rebellion in Patagonia" (1974), an Argentine telling of a group of workers trying to get better conditions from their patrons but who only wind up being crushed by the army, that is as lovely and sweeping as any Hollywood movie.

I'm thinking I may finally renew my subscription to the magazine. First I need to find the August 2012 issue, because it has a massive article about Alfred Hitchcock in it...and he's part of the reason I got into film.

Funny, but while I love his work and respect his ability with storytelling on screen, I don't think "Vertigo" belongs on this list. "Notorious" (1946) does, because there is not one wrong moment in that movie.

But that'd be part of my own list.

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