Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

New letterhead

Today was a get-crap-done kind of day. Sorting paperwork. Answering e-mails. Updating my LinkedIn page. Starting plans for updating my website. And working up a new letterhead. Here's one possibility, albeit without the "thought bubble" over my phone number.
I could get someone to work me up a letterhead that's snazzier, I suppose, but I don't have the money for it, right now. Same for my website. I'll be making that work with whatever GoDaddy will give me. Then once it's up and running, I'll replace the LinkedIn line with the address.

My comedy writing class starts on Tuesday, just as I start the first step of a  major packing job in NYC, so I may be trying some funny bits out in the evenings, just to see what the reaction is. Don't expect much; comedy have never been my forte. But this is an online class so I think I can make it through, all right.

At least...I hope I can. Who knows? It might actually wind up being my Roast.

I will say this...I came up with a line for Danny when he finds out the extraterrestrial who's been grabbing and killing people is using them not only for a power source but also food, he blurts out,
"So our planet's like their Seven-Eleven?" I'll have to find the right moment to slip it in, so it may change a bit, but that's the general idea. I need more goofiness like that in WC.

Except...the SF movies of the 50s took themselves so seriously...and that's what made them so much fun. I'm not talking about "War of the Worlds" or "Forbidden Planet" -- those were class acts; I'm referring to movies like "The Blob" and "I Was A Teenage Frankenstein". The latter one has a classic line in it -- Dr. Frankenstein (neatly played by Whit Bissell) is yelling at his creature, "Speak! I know you have a civil tongue in your mouth, because I sewed it back, myself!"

Didn't hurt that the monster was played by Gary Conway, who was a semi-nude model for photographers like Bob Mizer and Bruce of LA in the mid 50s then went on to star in "Land of the Giants" on TV in the late 60s. I used to enjoy that show and "The Wild, Wild West", thanks to all the moments of shirtless bondage of the male stars.

I worked that into "NYPD Blood"...just with a female who's obsessed over Robert Conrad. Had to have a little fun.

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