Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Joy of Air Travel today

I'm currently sitting in Jet Blue's Terminal 5 at JFK playing plane tag. When I arrived, I learned my flight had been delayed an hour, so I got myself put on standby for an earlier flight. That one got delayed for two hours. So I asked if I could pay the same-day flight change fee and get myself put on a flight that was slated to leave within the hour. That one got delayed as I was talking to the customer relations person. So I had myself put back on my original flight.

I'd sprung for the extra-legroom seats...since those were the only ones left on the flight and I had a feeling I'd better give over the $20 to make sure I actually had a seat, and I glad I did. If I'd been on standby on the late flight, which is the last one out of JFK, I'd be stranded. But what's even better? Because I'd bought the higher-priced seat, I got to go through the speedy line at TSA instead of having to wait behind the long line of cattle in the regular one. I may reconsider my basic objection to paying the extra.

Of course, once we're on the plane, I'm hoping we take off quickly. But apparently there are a lot of backed up I may not get into Buffalo till 2am. And that's after getting up at 6am to catch my 8am flight. So I'm taking tomorrow off and trying to get myself back on schedule over the weekend.

I can't work on WC while using my laptop; my version of Final Draft is too old. Since I was shifting over to novels and I use Word for that, I didn't feel the need for it. Of course, now I'm reconsidering.

I guess I'll just have to surrender to the idea that every 5 years I'll need to upgrade my electronics and their programs so I can keep up. As it is, I'm 10 years behind the times when it comes to my cell phone and iPod.

Sometimes life acts more like the Indianapolis 500 than a simple drive down the freeway. When the hell did we get to that point?

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