Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Things change...

...And, as usual, means more has to be done. This packing job I'm working was all set, all the books in boxes and ready for pickup...and suddenly they need to be numbered according to category even though they have labels telling what's in each box. Irritating, but doable as they're being ferried out to the truck.

My brother's getting his teeth pulled, tomorrow, so won't be able to work for a while. He's one of those people who never took care of his teeth and so most of them have rotted away. Whenever I'm feeling lazy about going to the dentist, I think of him and make sure I get mine cleaned and checked. It's going to take a few weeks before he gets his dentures; he's doing it through the dental school in San Antonio so it's cheaper but takes longer. At least that'll give him time to heal. Now if we could just get him to bathe every day...

I haven't gotten any writing done during this job, and I'm starting to go through withdrawal. I did some thinking about OT, yesterday, and Jake filled me in a bit more on his background and what he's planning to do, but that's been it. Other paperwork and nonsense have been taking up too much time...and I probably won't get hunkered down on it till Sunday. Then I'm off, again, on Monday to oversee the second stage of this packing job.

Stage three is set for the first week of December.

I'm finding one thing really bothers me about New York. It's not the hustle and bustle or the high prices; it's the lack of grocery stores, of all things. I went looking for something to bring back to the hotel to nuke, so I wouldn't have to go out for dinner, and none of the markets I went into had microwavable meals. I happened onto a larger market...and all they had were meals made with chicken. No wonder there's so damn many restaurants in this town; that's the only place people can get fed if they want something other than a chicken pot pie or a Hormel lunchable.

On the other'd be a great way to lose weight, not having anything to eat.

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