Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Alice '65

Hmph, even with me adding in more of Tommy, the Aussie, it's still at 116 pages. I guess the script's decided what length it wants to be. I'm going to try and reduce it to between 105 and 110 just by trimming back my descriptions and condensing a bit of the dialogue. But the latest draft is done. Now I'm letting it sit till I get back from NYC. I want some serious space so I can look at the dance number I put in and see if it's really working.

Create Space is having a competition where the prize is a publishing contract and $50K against future royalties. You have to submit the first 5000 words of a book you've written. I'm going to submit "The Vanishing of Owen Taylor". There's no way in hell I'll win -- I'm pretty sure commercial prospects are a prime factor in determining who gets the contract, and I'm nothing like Patricia Cromwell -- but it gives me an impetus to get the book done and ready to show in time for the next phase, after they do their initial cut.

I can work on that, this coming week. It's an 8 hour train ride, each way, but in cars that provide electricity. I'm not crazy about the time I have to be at the station -- 7:30 am -- but I can live with it. I'm taking food with me, and Dr. Pepper; it's appalling that no one treats that soda with the proper respect, up here. This way I can stay focused on the work.

The last time I read through the first chapter, it didn't feel like I heard Jake's voice telling the story yet. It was too measured and easy, had too many softening words mixed in. Which is more the way I talk, really. And write these posts. So I'm pushing to let him work it out in his own vernacular. I did that with Adam, in A65 and it worked better...because he changes his use of certain words as the script progresses.

For example, in England a lot of the people use "Sorry" as a question, meaning, "Excuse me" or "Say again". Adam does that a lot at the beginning...but not at all by the end. And I didn't even realize it till I was glancing through it one last time.

So now it's Jake's turn to make OT all his and nobody else's.

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