Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Work interferes with work...

Worked late, today, to get everything together for my latest trip to NYC, meaning all my timing's off. I'll be there a week and want to get this draft of A65 done so I can take a hard copy with me to make notes on. I only have 20 pages left; I should be able to finish it, tomorrow.

I'm dropping the Zyrtek so I can clear my head. It's got me zoning too much to concentrate, fully, and since it was me cleaning my apartment that set this round of allergies off, me taking the train down gives me all of Sunday, just about, to think about it.

Or...I could let it sit till I'm home, again, and work on "...Owen Taylor" instead. I've got the right program to do that on my laptop, and I want it done, soon. I'm taking way too much time getting it settled. I know pretty much what needs to go where; I just need to hunker down and write it. I'm missing Jake's arrival in California and Antony being arrested and the lead-up to a meeting of a gay group in a straight ally's home. A few other bits that probably add up to about 20,000 words. Just under 100 pages. Putting the book at about the 90K mark in wordage.

This is always where I start having trouble -- making the parts link together. I write the bits that interest me, first, and sometimes it's damn near impossible to make them fit. But I know they're written for a reason so I let it come at its own pace with a fair amount of angst and whining from me...and it usually does. We'll see how things go with Jake and Tone and Matt and Lemm and Dion.

Helps to have an image of my guys to remind me of what the story's all about.

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