Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Back on track...

Moving along on Underground Guy. Dev is back to happy and Reg is pleased. Tawfi is still giving me the silent treatment but I think he'll come around once I get to his first real section. This is not going to be a tender loving book or one that explores one man's attraction for another or anything touchy-feely; it's going to be dark and mean and, I hope, suspenseful.

But that's what I want -- harsh and in-your-face. It won't be as much so as HTRASG was, but that book was formed to be a fuck you to the world, thanks to Curt. I remember when I got my free copies of it -- the only one I got free copies of, despite it being in my publishing contract; I announced it at my writer's group and showed them, and you never saw so many eyes go round in shock. I don't think they were able to reconcile my mild image or my romantic screenplays with that title. What can I say? I contain all sorts of voices.

I'm reminded of this because I spent part of the day putting up the first few pages of The Lyons' Den on its Facebook page. For some reason that option is being offered for it, but not on the pages for David Martin, Bobby Carapisi or French Connection Blues. I have no idea why...except it's Facebook being Facebook.

Anyway, I had to shift everything to jpegs so as I was going over it to make sure it had come out readable, I happened across this bit I wrote for Tad to say, on page 4 -- "... And so what if I've seen you say things that would've put you in a padded room, fifty years ago? I know that's merely you being creative because I have seen it work. ..."

I may reread LD just to remind myself of how I see myself...

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