Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Caught up, sort of...

My taxes are ready to take to the CPA, and small wonder I'm in a mess. I made less, this year, and spent more. The one positive is my tax burden won't be quite as bad as 2014's...but I do wish my debt were going down instead of up.

As regards Underground Guy, I read the following article, and this part of it resonated with me --

4 Tips for Building a Novel Writing Career Right Now (no waiting!)
By Kevin Tumlinson

Monday, December 7th, 2015


I can sum up this whole tip in one sentence:

“When you’re writing, your only job is to write.”

Simple, right? Yet after years of talking to aspiring writers, this is the one thing that has hands-down proven toughest to get across. For some reason, we just can’t turn off the Inner Editor.

The problem is, we’ve been fooled by our own nature.

There’s a delusion we’ve fallen victim to—and it’s the idea that if we edit and make the writing perfect as we go, we cut the whole process in half. We think that by editing as we write, we’re saving ourselves double work later.

The reality is, we actually increase the amount of time we spend. And it’s not just double … it’s an exponential increase. We end up busting our momentum and slowing ourselves down, getting off track and increasing the risk of losing the thread of the story altogether.

If we want to write faster, we have to turn off our Inner Editor and just write.

Let’s just get one thing straight—you are never going to escape editing. Not if you want to do this work for a living. Editing has its time and place, however, and that is definitely not during the actual writing.

Turn off your Inner Editor, send him or her on a vacation and then just start writing in total freedom. Spend your energy on making tons of mistakes, going on wild tangents, flinging words on the page like a monkey flinging poo at zoo-goers. You’ll make a heck of a mess, but it will be a glorious mess.

Later, when you pull on your Editor Pants™ you’ll find yourself coming across happy little accidents. You’ll laugh at something you wrote that you couldn't have planned in advance. You’ll discover that you took chances with your narrative that you might never have taken with the overly cautious Inner Editor nagging your every word. In short, you’ll have a better book because you did your only real job at the time. 
I am so guilty of this...and it's truly hurt me on Place of Safety. I'm gonna stop that, beginning with UG. No more reworking it till I have at least a first draft done.

Famous last words...

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