Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


I'm a bit ticked off at the British Film Institute. I'm a member but that's not doing me a whole lot of good. They have a series of short films about life in Northern Ireland in the 60s and 70s that I can't access because I'm in the US. Nor are they posted on YouTube, though lots of other bits about NI are. And they haven't responded to an e-mail I sent asking if there was some way for me to get access. I just sent another one, but I'm not feeling hopeful.

My trip back to Buffalo was not the best I've ever had. It was my intention to check my bag early -- I have to; I had a knife with me and can't take that on the plane -- and have Panda Express, which I like. But they're past security. And when I asked a JetBlue rep about early bag-check, he said they don't do that. In fact, JetBlue's counter didn't even open till 9pm, after all but a couple restaurants closed.

I wound up nibbling at another nasty set of enchiladas in New Mexico. Does that state actually require tortillas to be so tough you have to use a knife to cut into them? And since when is salsa sweet? What's even sadder -- the guacamole was nothing but a mashed up avocado and some onion flakes. For that, I paid $30...and I couldn't even finish it.

Threw the whole trip off. While we left on time, we also had the least personable flight attendants ever, and all the lights were turned off. The only enjoyable aspect of the flight was I got the extra-space seat so could use my laptop.

Well...I also saw an interesting bit on their system about the Redbull Cliff Diving competition in Portugal. This is just a hint of what it was all about.

Them folks is crazy.

My flight from JFK was late, so I didn't get home till nearly noon, yesterday, and even after a nice hot shower and 5 hour nap I was still fuzzy-brained. Not unusual for me. But I do think I'd be better off at the end of these trips if I built up my stamina and dropped a few pounds. So I've already aimed for that...eating less and exercising some. Not a lot, right now; I'm an old fart who's fighting off his lazy genes.

And I got lots of those genes to fight off.

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