Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Redoing and redoing...

I spent most of today reworking Next back to being a jokey thing between Clint and Federic using tricks to get laid. But it was still kind of flat...until I made them frat boys and Eva a sorority girl at Pi Eta Kappa. The absurdity of that little joke reignited the story for me, and it's become a parody of the college campus sexual games played by kids who barely understand anything.

So...Federic became Freddie with hints of being closeted. Eva doesn't want to give in till she and Clint are almost killed by Freddie. And about 25% of the storyboard workups are still usable. Just quick roughs to give me an idea of what the story needs, visually, which I will fill in once I've finalized the script. Since it's now about sex, I added in a few sensuous moments between Clint and Eva, even as she's refusing to let him get to second base. The last lines need to be better, but it's working, again.

Then I had dinner and shifted to the reformatting of The Vanishing of Owen Taylor...and had a lovely time with Word for Mac. It lost half the work I'd done en route to Ireland, and for a few moments even refused to open up my initial document because it was in doc instead of docx. But I got around it by going through a couple of extra steps, then did the formatting and spell-check. Found some more typos, too.

I also widened the margins a bit and increased the size of the font by 2 points to make it easier to read. So now the book is 330 pages long. The first version I'll look into doing is a hardcover, once I have everything set. I need to go through and polish up the format; increasing the font threw my table of contents off. And I need to check with Lightning Spark to make sure I'm doing this right.

So much still to do on it...but I'm close, very close...

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